Purchasing a villa with pool would be a dream come true for lots of future owners. Indeed, the swimming pool is the answer to our sweetest hopes : it provides a sense of wellbeing, but it also is an invitation to travel. A swimming pool is more than a simple commodity in the backyard. It offers out of time moments during which anything is possible : bringing loved ones together, relaxing, escaping the daily routine… a swimming pool definitely brings out the attractiveness of a house.

Owning a swimming pool is a privilege, contributing to enhance lifestyle and comfort. How could anyone possibly resist an energizing bathing after an exhausting day of work, or diving into cool water during a hot summer day ? A backyard pool is an asset in the sale of a home. It’s a priceless commodity to make your house attractive. Furthermore, benefits of swimming daily are numerous and undeniable : it helps manage stress, has low impact on joints, works the whole body. Enjoying these benefits without leaving the house is a chance we want to give to our future customers.

For most people, the swimming pool is the symbol of happiness, of friends and family brought closer, of fun and great quality time spent together. Buying a house with pool is betting on future memories of long summer days you will build day after day. Lots of friendly moments will be created thanks to this water source : barbecue and garden parties for friends, outdoor games with the kids, first toddlers baths… there’s nothing better than a pool to get into the summer spirit. Can you hear the cicada song ? There’s only splashing water missing, and you have your future southern life’s soundtrack. That’s why it’s hard to imagine buying a southern french villa without a pool in the garden, where the turquoise water is bathed in rays of golden sunlight.

Does this look like a picture-postcard view ? We have created H2O Immobilier to make this dream come true. Our goal : help you materialize your dream into a feasible property project. Our priorities : promote householders’ properties with pool, and help buyers in purchasing a home.

At H2O Immo, we are specialized in selling houses with pool in the South of France, and we want to put our expertise to work for you. Our experience as real estate professionals and swimming pool specialists allow us to price and assess your house’s value as fairly as possible. We know how hard buying or selling a house with pool can be. But these moments of loneliness, doubts and questionings can be avoided. That’s why we are here to assist you : with our guidance, you can overcome practically any issue no matter how complex the transaction is. Our H2O agents will help you find your perfect home.

We offer a wide range of properties, from charming cottages to modern and contemporary villas, luxury villas, houses with indoor pools and or covered heated private pools. Natural swim pond, lap pool, inground pool, heating pool… we select with care the properties we show to our clients. So share your wishes with us and we will make them come true.